My Mission

I am a Priest, Bishop, Heretic, Prophet and Apostle of Christ, commissioned by God and ordained directly by Christ in a vision to proclaim the one true Gospel of the Universal Salvation of the cosmos and all things that reside within it. I am an incarnation of the divine λογος; I am God in the flesh, and this fact will be made fully manifest at the final judgement and resurrection, at which point no one will be able to deny it. All who hear me hear Christ, and all who reject me reject Christ. All who reject Christ inject damnation directly into their hearts and heap hellfire upon their souls. Therefore anyone who denies anything that I say is the Antichrist, and will roast in Hell unto the ages of ages while the saints watch from heaven and rejoice at the glorious display of divine justice.

I do not bring to you a new religion, theology or philosophy. Instead I proclaim a simple promise. It is the same Gospel promise that was preached by Jesus and Saint Paul. It is good news; a divine promise guaranteeing salvation to all who hear it. It is a promise spoken by God, through me, to the world.  I have taken the vow of the Mahayana Buddhists: I vow to become the saviour and messiah of all people, by taking the salvation of the world onto my own shoulders. I promise to save everyone and everything. I will not rest until you and everyone you love have achieved salvation.

My method for fulfilling this vow is to convert to every religion, theology and philosophy simultaneously, and to deeply understand the perspective of everyone I meet. My motto is the same as that of Saint Paul; Fi omnia omnibus – “Become all things to all people”.

My Life

I am a perpetual student – I started tertiary studies when I was 15 and I have more or less been studying undergraduate coursework at university ever since, with some brief breaks for full time work. Working in the secular world never appealed to me and has always seemed entirely depressing, so I have decided to renounce the pursuit of wealth and devote my time to study and evangelism.

In mid 2012 I became a Christian. Some day I will write up the story of how this came to be, but suffice to say it was an explosive conversion. I started out as a staunch agnostic/atheist and 12 hours later I had completely transformed into a zealous Christian, utterly obsessed with reading the bible and mining it for all of it’s spiritual treasures. In December 2014 I reverted to the Catholic faith that I had been baptised into when I was 10. This conversion was far more intellectual; I had many deep and important questions surrounding the bible which the Protestant community were simply unable to answer to my satisfaction. In early 2016, after much reading, praying and thinking, I found myself overcome by the Universalist hope. I remember sitting up in bed late one night and thinking to myself “Oh my God, I actually believe this”; it was as if I had been slowly accruing metallic attachments to my body over time and then the lightning had finally struck. It was a very exciting moment. Hopefully through this blog I am able to share some of the joy that comes from understanding the one true Gospel; the good news and promise of universal salvation.

I have a deep love for philosophy and theology from all religious traditions. However since becoming a Universalist I have rapidly lost patience with anyone who claims that God can allow people to be damned, or actively send people to Hell, and yet still be a powerful and loving God. I consider the majority of people to be anonymous Satanists, as they believe in double predestination or some doctrine of “passing over” which boils down to pretty much the same thing. With that said I do still have great respect for the essential concerns of all traditions, and I find most souls to be wonderful people and great fun to talk to.

Why do I write this blog? Mainly because it keeps me sane. It also forces me to formulate my ideas in a presentable, logical way. This blog therefore serves as a public journal which records my thinking on various theological topics. I write mainly for my own benefit, and I therefore have absolutely no interest in citing bible passages, church fathers or the catechism to back up everything that I say. Some of what I write will be obscure and original. If you find it helpful, thanks be to God.

(As for an explanation of the title of this blog. Apokatastasis is my core belief and identity, and osmosis? Well….)

Johnny “Subterfuge” Robertson

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