Catholic Moral Law Theology – Condoms and Contraception are Murder


A culture that embraces contraception is a culture that cheapens sex by taking the procreative element out of it. All of a sudden sex becomes solely about love and pleasure and has nothing to do with marriage, family and babies; it becomes consequence free; it becomes something to be engaged in as often as possible with as many people as possible.

More often than not, people won’t bother with contraception as they get wrapped up in the heat of the moment. Next thing you know the “unplanned pregnancy” statistics are sky-rocketing, as so many people are having insane amounts of unprotected casual sex.

With so many unplanned pregnancies, many young parents are pressured into seeking abortions. Abortion rates fly through the roof. People start to depend on brutal murder of their unborn baby as a form of last minute contraception.

And apparently the leftie solution to all of this is to deny that a baby is a baby and that murder is murder, while screaming “More condoms! More casual sex! More abortions!”

I have no idea how our culture of death can ever recover from the situation in which it finds itself. Technology only marches forwards, not backwards. Condoms and abortions are something we have to live with now. How can we recover a reverence for life and respect for the procreative, conjugal act under such circumstances?

Pray for all the Holy Innocents throughout history. Memory eternal

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  1. We need to avoid harmful extremes here. We cannot deny the humanity of the preborn children. But, a study of human sexuality informs us that sex in humans is not solely for reproduction. Regrettably, the debate today is polarized with those of each extreme not seeing that they are clinging to an extreme position.

    Protect human life from conception forward, but do not degrade the dignity of the sexual love of the spouses for each other.

    • Sex in humans is not solely for reproduction (I nowhere insinuated that), however neither is it solely for bonding, love and pleasure, as the angry lefties continue to insist. To thwart either of the purposes of sex cheapens it.

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