Curry Jack

Oa22b1958299ac7f5b23bb98a0b58ea97[1].jpgh no it’s Curry Jack
The guy who is totally wack
He gets high on smack
I’d be happy to see his back

The worlds biggest dickhead
He hangs with the gangs
Bashing kids till they bled
Drinking the blood with his fangs

Driving others to suicide
and laughing at their fate
He would enjoy genoicde
and gladly turn on a mate

But of friends he had none
It’s a good thing he had no gun
School shootings are his kind of thing
We’d all be dead before a bell could ring

I turned up at school this year
To news that produced a tear
Tears of joy of course
No one felt any remorse

Curry Jack has left our school
We were too smart and he was too cool
Being the biggest fish in a small pond
That’s the life of which he was fond

A feast was scheduled but never held
But we didn’t care, this was too good
Curry Jack is gone! Our fears are quelled
Time to take down that fort of wood

Jack is now a penno peep
He sits with the common sheep
He now gets herded from class to class
Smashing windows and breaking the glass

He will not be missed this day
That boy with a heart of black
And so it pleases me to say
Good bye Curry Jack

Alex Herlihy – 2009