Orthodoxy 101 – Scripture Clearly Says that All will be Saved: The One True God and his One True Gospel

If even a single soul fell through Gods fingers into Hell – regardless of the reason – this would demonstrate that he is neither omnipotent nor omniscient. It would prove him to be a weak and pathetic failure and completely nullify the Gospel.

Join the winning team: become a universalist. Come and worship the God who desires to save everyone, is able to save everyone, and will save everyone. Come and worship the God who is loving, powerful and sovereign. Come and worship the God who is more true to the tradition and more consistent with the scriptures.

“By one man’s act of disobedience all men without exception were made sinners, but by one man’s act of righteousness all men without exception were justified and made alive” (Romans 5 – the scope of salvation is equal to the scope of sin: both are universal)

“God consigned everyone to disobedience, so that he might have mercy upon everyone.” (Romans 11 – we are all simultaneously vessels of wrath and vessels of mercy)

“Every knee shall lovingly bow, and every tongue will freely confess that Christ is Lord” (Phillipians – all men will come to freely and lovingly accept Christ in the eschaton)

“The full totality of the gentiles will be saved, and then the full totality of Israel will be saved too” (Romans 11 – need I say more? Everyone is going to be saved, even though some may be saved “through fire”)

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  1. Bold assertions these. God’s justice is a two-sided coin. Not merely punishment for the wicked, but also recompense for the innocent victims.

    • This is true, but I struggle to see why justice demands everlasting torture. I find the Anselmian argument entirely unconvincing. Is temporary, purgatorial suffering not enough? An eye for an eye? Finite crimes deserve finite punishments.

      Furthermore there is absolutely nothing in the Greek scriptures which can be read in favour of everlasting punishment. This doctrine stems entirely from Latin and English mistranslations of certain pivotal words and phrases in the Greek. The Greek and Syriac church fathers have always understood this, hence they were all universalists

      • Are you overlooking that an individual consciousness (soul) could choose to remain in a state of perpetual enmity towards God? What about the obstinate souls who continue to reject God and His love?

      • No i am overlooking nothing. As explained in the post, if a soul chose to rebel against God forever it would make God a weak and pathetic failure, as he was unable to win that soul over. “The obstinate souls who continue to reject God and his love” will be an empty category in the eschaton: everyone will be saved because everyone will accept God. God has the power and knowledge required to outsmart our sin and rescue us, there is nothing that can stop him, not even our freedom

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